Savvy publishers have learned that online campaigns are especially effective at generating pre-press publicity for titles. Of 30,000 consumers who were asked how they first heard about a new book, 54.1% said online/internet ads. Only 21.2% said TV, radio, and newspaper magazine ads.

True, books are read in private, but they’re experienced in public through conversations in blogs’ living rooms. Blog advertising helps you connect with communities of bookworms instead of isolated readers, allowing word will spread quickly. 76% of bloggers have purchased books online in the last 6 months. Blogs are a great place to advertise! is ideal for selling self-published books.

With, you can specify exactly where your ad will appear, guaranteeing that it's reaching only your most sought-after readers. Our ad unit is perfect for blogs, combining an image and text to create content that’s familiar to and favored by blog readers and, we make ads easy to build: just upload an image of your book cover, type in your book’s excerpts or reviews (be sure to include hyperlinks to webpages where readers can buy your book like your site, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Indie Bookstores), enter a URL, pay via Paypal and voila! Within 24 hours, your ads will be live on the sites you've selected!

You'll be able to monitor campaign statistics like clicks and number of times viewed and revise your ad creative 24/7, all from within your Blogads account.

With over 3,500 blogs in the Blogads network, you can design a custom mix of sites to reach any demographic like parents, foodies, New Yorkers, liberals, conservatives, military and more.

is best for advertising your book:
  Blogads   Facebook   Google
Reach a whole community of book lovers, not random isolated readers
Know exactly where your ad will appear
Stream your twitter or blog feed into your ad
Direct users to multiple landing pages within your ad (Amazon, your website, etc)
Live customer support team


Check out the numerous options for promoting your book and place your order here or head over to our advice page for a detailed break down on how to find the best blogs for your campaign and design the most successful creative.

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  • MJ Rose, Marketing Authorbuzz
    "In several cases data shows that we've improved sales as much as 20% from where the book was before the Blogads campaign started. I've also gotten reports that sell-through has gone up as much as 30% and that the books get higher velocity and show up on the best seller lists higher than expected."
  • Juston Payne, Associate Director, Online Advertising and Promotions John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    "When I need to find a particular market, whether broad or niche, I think BlogAds. Making that decision even easier is the cost-efficient pricing, impressive share of voice, and conversational ad format. We’ve had strong responses to campaign after campaign with BlogAds."
  • Sue Lange, Author of We, Robots We
    "Selecting blogs for a campaign and accessing campaign stats are easy. All in all, has an excellent system for purchasing ads."
  • David Kilpatrick, Author of LA Stalker LA Stalker
    "I like Blogads; I'm getting a better click-thru rate on them than I had on BCentral banner ads, for the most part. At least, more people are actually BUYING my books after clicking through. I really wanted to focus to a narrow market, especially L.A.-based media. I know the big money in writing is having movie options on your book. (I've optioned one already), not selling books. So if I can just break even in sales, but expose the books to people who can get me into the movie-making machine, that is what I'm after. I can't get that with the rather broad dispersal in banner advertising."